Meet David. He’s going to show you his

day at Netop  – a day filled with

outdoor activities, friends and cool traditions. Scroll down the page and mouse over the map to find out more about Netop!

Tent Row

The sun is peering through the tall pines when the sound of Reveille blasts through the tent row. My tent-mates and I jump out of bed and head out with the other campers to raise the flag and do a few fun exercises. Another great day at Netop is underway!

Meal Time

Next, we're off to the Lodge for a big breakfast. We sit together as a tent group with our counselor for all three meals. There is always a good variety of food to eat. Meal time is fun, as chants erupt, announcements are made and stories are told. After breakfast, we go back for “tent clean-up”. The cleanest tent for the week wins a “Netop Sundae”, a huge make-your-own ice cream sundae!

Morning Activities

We choose three instructional activity periods each morning. There are a lot of different sports, lake activities, arts and crafts and fun stuff like rock band, film-making, drama and woodsman. Every four days we can sign up for new activities. The counselors are really great teachers!

Afternoon Activities

After lunch, have “rest hour” in our tents. We can read, write a letter, play cards or just relax. The pine smell and cool breeze through the tent is great. Different group activities are scheduled each afternoon, including street hockey, slip n slide, flag football, rocketry, capture the flag and many others. We also play other camps in sports (optional) such as soccer, basketball, tennis, kickball, ping pong and sailing. Some days, hiking or canoe trips are taken out of camp.

Free Swim & Free Time

At 4:00 p.m. everyone goes to the waterfront for “free swim”. You can swim, take a boat out, go fishing or just hang out on the beach. Birch Pond is loaded with fish, including largemouth bass. There are turtles and frogs along the shoreline and a cool trail around the lake. After free swim ends, we can play things like ping pong, chess, gaga, tetherball or basketball before dinner.

Evening Program

After some free time, we have an all-camp event, such as campfire, nukem, flour bombs, name-that-tune, octopus tag or movie night (under the stars!). Around 9:00 p.m. we get ready for bed and have "reflection" in the tent, when our counselor leads a discussion about topics like friendship, sportsmanship, responsibility and respect. “Taps” is played by 9:30 p.m. and we go to sleep. Senior campers can go to the Lodge for "privileges". Tomorrow will be another exciting day!

Thanks for taking the time to explore Netop through the eyes of a camper! Our goal is to provide a top life experience for each camper, filled with growth, friendships and life-long memories. Enroll now to be part of this special community of people!

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