Food & Allergies

Three meals per day are served in our main Lodge. The entire camp eats together at tables arranged by tent group. The tent counselor is in charge of the table and helps campers with food choices, table manners and portions. Depending on the meal, food may be served family style, buffet or a combination. An extensive salad/fruit bar is available at every meal. Individual camper needs should be communicated on the pre-camp parent questionnaire and discussed with the nurse, as appropriate.

Meal time offers a tremendous opportunity for friendly table conversation. Counselors will encourage campers to communicate with each other and will help facilitate topics of interest. The entire camp typically enjoys a spirited atmosphere, especially toward the end of each meal with various chants, songs and announcements.

Regarding allergies and health needs, Netop accommodates a range of situations that require special attention (e.g. gluten free, vegetarian, nut allergies). Individual needs may be coordinated with the kitchen, nurse and counselor. Netop is “nut aware” (though not “nut free”), as peanut butter is typically available on a designated table at lunch.

Netop policy does not permit food, beverages or snacks to be either sent or brought to camp.



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    "Life at Netop strikes the perfect balance between home and adventure. The boys had a terrific experience!" - parent, Duxbury, MA