Registration Form

Complete this form online and hit "submit" when finished. Please do not mail paper copies. This form may be used to register up to three campers.

  • Regular sessions are open to boys entering grades 3-10:
    Full Season (6 weeks): June 23 - Aug 4; $6,900
    Session I (3.5 weeks): June 23 - July 17; $4,400
    Session II (2.5 weeks): July 18 - Aug 4; $3,600

    "Mini" sessions are open to boys entering grades 3-6 only:
    Mini A: June 23 - July 5; $3,000
    Mini B: July 5 - July 17; $3,000
    Mini C: July 18 - July 29; $3,000

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  • Payment Terms

  • A deposit of $600 per camper is due within 15 days. The balance of tuition is due 50% by March 1 and 50% by May 25. Refunds, less $600, are permitted until May 25. There is no reduction in tuition or refund for late arrival or early departure from camp. Fees cover all camp activities and trips. Credit cards are not accepted.

    Please mail checks to:
    Netop Summer Camp
    1617 Hopegate Drive
    Maple Glen, PA 19002
  • Permission & Understanding

  • By submitting this registration, you agree to the following:

    1. I/We give permission for my/our child to participate in all of Netop Summer Camp's programs and activities and understand that accidents, injuries and illness may occur in the natural course of participation in activities.
    2. I/We understand that hikes and trips away from camp are an integral part of the camp program and give permission to Netop Summer Camp to take my/our child out of camp to participate in these programs.
    3. I/We consent to Netop Summer Camp and the American Camp Association to use any photograph, picture or likeness of my/our child for promotional or advertising purposes.
    4. I/We understand that the camp will provide routine healthcare, dispense medications and seek emergency treatments, if necessary. If it is necessary for my/our child to receive medical treatment outside of camp, this will be my/our financial responsibility.
    5. I/We understand that Netop has a strict policy forbidding the use or possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and illegal substances and drugs.
    6. Code of Conduct - I/We understand that campers are expected to contribute in a positive way to the Netop community. Behavior expectations include respect for others, good sportsmanship, being a good team player, following instructions, respecting the belongings of others and offering encouragement. Conduct considered unacceptable includes bullying, causing another person to be uncomfortable, hitting or fighting, foul or abusive language, destroying property or stealing. Unacceptable behavior can result in a child being dismissed from camp. I/we will review this code of conduct with my/our son prior to camp.