A Day in the Life of a Netop camper


7:30 am Reveille & Flag Raising

Start the day!


8:00 am Breakfast

Fuel up, social time.


8:30 am Tent clean-up


9:00 am Morning activities

Get out and get active!

Campers sign up for 3 one-hour activity periods. Their individual morning schedule runs 4 days, after which campers choose again for the next round. Activities may be repeated through multiple rounds, but campers are also encouraged to try new activities.


12:30 pm Lunch

Refuel, social time.


1:30 pm Rest hour

Time to rest and relax.


2:30 pm Afternoon activities

Group activities, games & team sports.

Featuring organized group games, competition with other camps or "choice time", afternoons can be different each day and offer time for campers to engage in some of their favorite activities.


4:00 pm Triple Play

Cool off, refresh.

After a warm summer day of activity, campers may either head to the waterfront for "Free Swim" or relax in the Book Nook reading under the pines. A third option is offered for those who want to play a sport.


5:00 pm Free time

Hang out, relax, play ping pong


6:00 pm Dinner

Eat some dinner.


7:30 pm Evening program

Bring everyone together for a big event

The whole camp comes together for most evening events, including campfires, nukem, name-that-tune, movie nights, bingo, talent nights and more. These events are often action-packed, hilarious and memorable.


9:00 pm Reflection

Every night campers gather in their tents to engage in conversation on a topic led by their counselor. These 20 minute chats help close out the day and give campers a chance to explore meaningful thoughts and ideas about friendship, camp life and our 4-spokes philosophy.


9:30 pm Bedtime, Taps & Senior Privileges

I know without a doubt that Netop created amazing memories and personal growth for him. Netop was exactly what I wished for him to experience -- he did not want the summer to end.



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