A Look at Birch Pond

March 4th, 2011


At 31 acres, it’s unusual to find a large undeveloped lake in southern Maine like Netop’s Birch Pond. Officially named Dumpling Pond in public records, the water body has been known around camp as Birch Pond since 1956 because of the Birch trees that line its shores. Through a land swap with Hancock Lumber in the 1980s, Netop was able to acquire and protect most of the pond’s shoreline; ensuring its water quality and protecting the natural views from the beach and campfire point that Netop campers have enjoyed for generations.

The lake’s average depth is 7 feet with a maximum depth of 14 feet in the mid-section. Owing to Birch Pond’s superior water quality, it’s not unusual to see and hear Loons throughout the summer. Throw a hook in the lake and you’re likely to pull out a largemouth or smallmouth bass. Perch, pickerel, minnows, hornpout (bullhead), Banded Killfish, pumpkinseed sunfish, American eel, water snakes and turtles also live in the water.

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