Why Netop?

Growth comes natural

Close-knit community

As a smaller camp, everyone is known at Netop. With tent groups of 4-5 campers, it doesn’t take long to get to know your tent-mates. There’s a natural openness with the tents that promotes communication and inclusiveness. At meal-time, our confidently silly culture can be felt as post-meal announcements are made and chants begin. It’s not unusual for a young camper to raise his hand, stand on the bench and pronounce to the entire camp that his buddy caught his first fish during morning activities. What follows feels a bit like an Olympic medal was just won, with smiles, cheers and congratulatory gestures from all present.

Natural environment

Outdoor play is alive and well at Netop! Campers live in platform tents in a beautiful pine grove alongside picturesque Birch Pond. Extensive trails, athletic fields, activity buildings and a historic main Lodge complete the 100 acre setting. This natural Maine environment gives Netop campers the space and serenity to thrive and learn about themselves and the world around them.

Four Spokes philosophy

The first thing you see when you enter our main Lodge is the giant wagon wheel above the dining hall. The Four Spokes philosophy is not simply a brochure tagline, but something we put into action every day. The philosophy emphasizes balance in four spokes, or areas of life: mental, social, physical and spiritual. We encourage campers to stretch, grow and learn. Campers set goals for the coming year and receive a reminder letter from their counselor in January. What do the four spokes mean?

  • Mental: responsibility, leadership, judgment, confidence
  • Social: friendships, teamwork, empathy, community
  • Physical: fitness, skill, sportsmanship, health habits
  • Spiritual: values, character, nature, influence

I believe seeing your son in tears because he did not want to leave is pure evidence!


Maine camper

We believe:

  • Face to face conversation is an essential life skill
  • A close knit community gives kids the confidence to be themselves
  • Living and playing outdoors feeds the mind, body and spirit
  • Activities that mix fun and skill development create passion
  • Exceptional role models foster character development
  • A well-rounded life helps build success and happiness

Growth Comes Natural

Netop is a place where boys unplug, connect and experience outdoor fun. Our close-knit communitynatural environment and Four Spokes philosophy create a powerful path for growth.

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