Farm to Lodge Table

January 10th, 2017

Jon Carlson and daughter, Sarah, prepare fresh produce for another Netop meal.

Eating healthier foods is a common goal for campers and staff (and parents!). Which sounds more appealing? A cucumber that was grown thousands of miles away, chemically treated, processed in a big plant, packaged and transported by a large food distributor before eventually making its way to Netop? Or, a cucumber grown on an organic farm, 5 miles from camp and delivered just hours after being picked?¬†Ditto for lettuce, tomato, carrots, corn, potatoes, spinach, strawberries, melons…and more. Last summer, Netop began a new relationship with Mulberry Farms in Raymond, Maine. “Farmer Frank” gave us a nice tour of his awesome farm and it has become our new partner in supplying fresh, tasty, organic and healthy produce. After ramping up in the second half of last summer, we look forward to a full summer of fantastic fruit and vegetables.

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