Fourth of July 2017

July 9th, 2017

Hear ye, hear ye! Here at Netop Summer Camp, we don’t mess around when it comes to the Fourth! Below you’ll find our schedule for the 2017 July Fourth Festivities:

– The day began with none other than Paul Revere riding through Tent Row to wake up the campers and lead them to the flagpole for morning exercises.

– At breakfast, campers were sorted into colonies, with senior campers becoming governors.

– After shortened morning activities, these newly-founded colonies went head to head in a colonial competition. Necessary tasks to complete included naming US presidents, herding Charleston cows, beating a Brit in a soccer PK shootout, and crossing “the Delaware”. The winner… South Carolina!

– At lunch, there was a brief meeting of the continental congress where governors all signed the Declaration of Independence and vowed to break free from British rule.

– Rising tensions culminated in a battle of flour bombs down on the soccer field, followed by a joyous Freedom Swim where everyone celebrated their independence in the beautiful waters of Birch Pond.

– A traditional American BBQ cookout ended with some American Flag cakes decorated by our talented cooking staff and campers then enjoyed our field festival with music put on by our rock band in our Grove theater and classic lawn games.

– Finally, the sky was lit up with a rockin’ fireworks display and with stars (and stripes) in their eyes, all of our campers, American and international, headed off to bed together.

Check out some photos below to get a sense of just how great the day was!

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