Health and Wellness

Healthy campers are happy campers!

Your son’s health and safety is our top priority. Through our team of nurses and local physicians, we manage health and wellness on a proactive basis, while responding to treatment needs as they arise. Netop’s Health Hut serves as the hub for health care, while daily medications are administered in the main Lodge at meal times and/or bed time.

For issues requiring hospital care, Netop works with Bridgton Hospital (25 minutes away) or Maine Medical Center in Portland (45 minutes). Specialty providers are also available locally for orthopedics, dental and eye care.

A comprehensive health history form is required for each camper, as well as a physician exam form (within previous 12 months prior to camp) and immunization history. Forms and information are available through your Family Login account.

All medical records are confidential. Any special medications or dietary needs should be discussed directly with the camp nurse upon arrival, if possible.

Accidents, injuries, illness and insect bites may occur in the natural course of participation in camp activities, trips, woodworking, etc. The camp stresses safety and preventive measures in all areas of camp operation. Parents should instruct campers to follow camp rules and apply safeguards such as use of sunscreen, bug spray and proper footwear as well as practicing good hygiene, staying hydrated and getting proper rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are medications handled?

All prescriptions and over-the-counter medications brought or sent to camp must be in the original packaging/bottle, labeled with the physician’s instructions, the name of the medication and the dosage. All medications and/or vitamins will be held and administered by the camp nurse.

Do we need any special insurance?

Health insurance coverage must be provided by each camper’s family. Any co-pays or doctor fees will be billed to the family. Some local doctors do not accept out-of-state insurance for campers, in which case full payment to the doctor is required and parents may submit a subsequent claim through their insurance provider.

Will I be notified if my son has a medical issue?

The camp nurse will contact parents if a camper is taken to a medical facility for evaluation or treatment. Additionally, if a camper runs a fever over 100 degrees F for longer than 8 hours and/or spends the night in our Health Hut, the parent(s) will be contacted.

Is there an initial health screening at camp?

Within the first 24 hours after arrival to camp, the nurse will conduct a health screen to check for any observable evidence of illness, injury or communicable disease, verify and update health history information to identify any medication, changes in health status or special needs requiring follow up, and review/collect any medications to be dispensed during the camper’s stay at camp. Please check your child for head lice before camp and let us know if he has been treated for lice during the months before camp. If head lice are detected in the initial camp screening, a fee up to $350 may be charged for required treatment.

What if my son has a special medical need?

The camper Health Form provides the initial opportunity to communicate special medical concerns that may require attention or care by the camp nurse. We also encourage direct communication with the nurse to help clarify special medical needs, related to conditions such as asthma, epilepsy or other chronic health issues. Netop’s approach is to provide routine health care and treatment services through our on-site nurse staff, while engaging local physician support for care or emergencies that require specialized treatment.

Should my child continue taking ADD/ADHD medication at camp?

An increasing number of children are on medication for ADD/ADHD, depression or other conditions. These medications allow a child to take advantage of all that a school environment has to offer. Camp is no different in this regard, but some prescribing physicians may take a child off medication during the summer. There are pros and cons to this approach and the right decision depends on the child and circumstances. Many times children at camp need their usual dosage or more, given that stimulants, for example, are often metabolized more quickly in warm weather or active children. Camp provides a wide range of great activities, some of which require careful attention to safety and risk management; for example, archery and sailing. If your son is currently on a medication and you are planning a change in that medication any time up to six weeks before camp, please discuss it with us. Working together, we have the best chance to help your child have a safe, happy and memorable time with us.

Food & Allergies

Three meals per day are served in our main Lodge. The entire camp eats together at tables arranged by tent group. The tent counselor is in charge of the table and helps campers with food choices, table manners and portions. Depending on the meal, food may be served family style, buffet or a combination. An extensive salad/fruit bar is available at every meal. Individual camper needs should be communicated on the pre-camp parent questionnaire and discussed with the nurse, as appropriate.

Meal time offers a tremendous opportunity for friendly table conversation. Counselors will encourage campers to communicate with each other and will help facilitate topics of interest. The entire camp typically enjoys a spirited atmosphere, especially toward the end of each meal with various chants, songs and announcements.

Regarding allergies and health needs, Netop accommodates a range of situations that require special attention (e.g. gluten free, vegetarian, nut allergies). Individual needs may be coordinated with the kitchen, nurse and counselor. Netop is nut/peanut-restricted, but not completely nut/peanut-free. For example, peanut butter is typically available on a designated table at lunch.

Netop policy does not permit food, beverages or snacks to be either sent or brought to camp.

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