Netop Wilderness Adventures – Week 1

July 1st, 2017

They hike. They paddle. They fish. They swim. Here at Netop, we give opportunities for campers to do it all while exploring the natural beauty of Maine and New England. We started off the session with Tents 1-3 venturing to Hawthorne Cove and Tents 4-9 going off into the White Mountains.

Tents 1-3 paddled around Panther Pond while sharing jokes and riddles and camped on the beach. As Liam Petty, counselor on the trip, shared: “We had a reflection under the stars that talked about the importance of preserving and protecting nature and wildlife. Campers shared their favorite natural experiences and we all came a lot closer together.” Clearly, this trip was a great way for campers to realize their personal responsibility as citizens of the natural world, while having a great time enjoying the trees and water.

All the way over in our neighboring state of New Hampshire, Tents 4-9 had many great adventures in the White Mountains. Cloudy skies┬ádidn’t stop them from swimming in the Swift River and hiking Mt. Chocoruaand enjoying the breathtaking views from the top of the mountain. Counselor Nick Gallo, while describing the trip, said: “Everyone had a really great time. Campers learned how to set up a campsite as well as some wilderness safety tips, and we all had a blast hanging around the campfire at night and on our hike the next day as we shared stories and laughs.”

Keep checking the weekly newsletters for more Netop Wilderness Updates as each camper gets the opportunity to explore nature and reflect on their place in the world while bonding with tentmates and counselors alike. Below are some photos from Tents 4-9 adventures on Mt. Chocorua. Photos from Hawthorne Cove are included in this week’s Flickr Update (linked on the newsletter).

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