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and assorted logistics

Required Forms

The following forms are required for camp:

  • Registration
  • Health History & Health History Addendum
  • Physician exam & immunization history
  • Camper Information Form
  • Camper Incidentals
  • Travel Confirmation (if using public transportation)

All forms are accessed through the Family Login account. Once registered, the remaining forms are due online by May 15.

To help plan a successful camp experience, we encourage you to read the Parent Handbook. This contains answers to many common questions.

Camp store & Netop apparel

Netop is proud to work with Maine Camp Outfitters (MCO), your one-stop shop for all camp needs, including clothing, accessories and supplies. A full catalog of branded and non-branded items is available through our Camp Store. Families deal directly with MCO for orders and payments. Orders must be placed by May 15 and will be shipped to the family home address. Orders for international families will be shipped directly to camp.


Netop’s Packing List is available at MCO or HERE. In general, try not to over-pack! There is limited space in the tents and campers are more comfortable – and can keep better track of things – if they have only what they need. Please LABEL everything! Campers sleep on comfortable cots with mattresses. Campers may bring their own bedding or we offer a Bed Kit Rental option if you want to lighten your load. This includes a complete bed kit (two sets of sheets, blanket, pillow, mattress pad and bug net) for a nominal rental fee. Bed kits can be reserved on the Registration form in the Family Login account. A sleeping bag should be brought for trips out of camp, but not substituted in place of sheets for the regular bed at camp.



For those arriving by public transportation, camper luggage (duffel or trunk) may be shipped to camp via UPS or FedEx. The shipping address is: Camper Name, Netop Summer Camp, 12 Netop Rd., Casco, ME 04015. It should be timed to arrive approximately 2-3 days before the session begins. If you wish to have the luggage shipped home at the end of camp, please send a pre-paid shipping label to: Lisa Thatcher, Netop Summer Camp, 12 Netop Rd., Casco, ME 04015. This label should be purchased at the time of your shipment to camp.


Netop is not a “uniform” camp. However, do ask that each camper bring at least two Netop tee shirts. These shirts are used for inter-camp competition, outings and special events. Please note that clothing may not contain inappropriate images, language or symbols.

Travel information

Most campers arrive/depart by car. For campers using public transportation, Portland Maine offers the closest and most convenient access point. Several major airlines fly into Portland and bus service to Portland is also available. Boston is also a major hub and convenient for international travelers. Arrangements to pick up or drop off campers must be made in advance. There is a $50 fee each way for transportation service to/from Portland and $100 fee each way for Boston.

Arrival & departure times

Arrival days
The arrival/drop-off time at Netop is between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on the first day of each session. Parents will drive through stations for all of the typical opening day to-do’s including talking with camp nurses, meeting camp directors, meeting your child’s counselor and dropping off luggage. We will ask that parent stay in the car to help ensure a safe environment. Our staff are great at making campers feel welcome! We suggest preparing your camper for this and giving a long hug before you arrive at camp. If your travel plans require a different arrival time, please let us know. The camp address is: 12 Netop Road, Casco, ME 04015. If your plans require an overnight stay, lodging reservations should be made well in advance, as there are many camps in the area.

Departure days (Session I & Session II)
Pick-up will be between 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. We will not be able to offer the closing day program that we have in past summers, but we are working on finding a creative solution to make sure that families can still see the end-of-session slideshow. Parents will drive through camp and pick up their camper and belongings while remaining in the car. Campers will have a chance to say goodbye to their camp family prior to pick-up. Counselors will be available to assist campers to pack and load luggage into vehicles. If your travel plans require an early morning departure, please let us know.

If the state guidelines should change, we will communicate the new plans with our families as soon as we can.

Mini Camp A & B
Mini Camp A concludes on a regular camp day, so all campers are in full swing with the camp program. We invite parents to arrive mid-morning (between 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m) to pick-up their camper. Unfortunately, due to COVID regulations, family members will have to remain in their vehicles during pick-up.

Tent assignments

Campers live together by age groups and share most meals together. Tent assignments for campers and counselors are determined just before camp begins. We consider requests, however, we cannot guarantee that your son will be in a certain tent with specific people. In fact, we encourage hometown friends and relatives to branch out whenever possible. Camp provides endless opportunities for friends – new and old – to be together and have fun.

Mail & email


Campers love to get mail. Letters and cards from home are encouraged. Mail will be delivered to campers on a daily basis (except Sunday). The camp mailing address for letters is:

Netop Summer Camp
12 Netop Road
Casco, ME 04015

Each camper is required to write a letter home at least once per week. It is very helpful if you send pre-addressed, stamped envelopes to simplify the process.


Messages to campers can be accepted via email to [email protected]. However, campers do not have access to computers and, therefore, cannot reply electronically. We will distribute email messages along with regular mail. In general, we prefer handwritten letters and ask that any incoming emails be limited to a maximum of two per week.

Telephone calls

Our policy is that campers will not receive phone calls at camp. Some campers have a difficult time adjusting to camp after talking with their relatives or friends on the phone. In case of a family emergency or camper birthday, please contact a Director to arrange a phone conversation with your son. The main number for the camp is 207-627-4510. Parents are welcome to call and speak with a Director at any time; even for a brief check-in.


Please do not send “care packages” or have your child arrive with food, candy or beverages, including energy drink packets. Food attracts animals and bugs, while small toys are unnecessary and create a nuisance. Campers receive ample and well-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you inform friends and relatives about this policy. If there is an essential item that a camper needs (clothing or reading material) please limit these packages to one per session. The opening of any package received will be carefully supervised by staff and all food products will be removed.


Laundry will be sent out weekly for each camper and it will be returned the following day. Please mark all of your son’s belongings. Each camper needs a Netop laundry bag, which is purchased through the Camp Store. The camp is not responsible for clothing, equipment and other personal items that are left behind, misplaced or damaged.


Netop is “unplugged”. One of the great features about being at camp in the middle of the Maine woods is the opportunity to disconnect from our assorted electronic gadgets. Netop campers stay busy with a wide range of outdoor activities and social interactions. Therefore, all electronic devices are to be left at home. This includes: cell phones, personal music players (iPods), radios, e-readers, CD players, laptops, portable video games, smart watches and electronic games.

Money & valuables

In general, campers do not need cash. The one exception is for “senior” campers (entering school grades 9,10, and 11). Seniors may want to have a small amount (for example, $30 per session) of pocket money for special outings such as the Senior Beach Trip or Casco Days. There is no need for campers to have valuable items at camp, including expensive watches. Therefore, we recommend that these items be left at home.


Together with fellow members of the American Camp Association we request that families do not offer tips for staff members. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, but gratuities are not necessary or encouraged. As an alternative, you may wish to consider a gift to the Netop Scholarship Fund.

Camper Conduct

Netop is a community where all campers and staff live together in a safe, fun and respectful environment. Each person has a responsibility to contribute in a positive way to the community. We expect behavior that includes respect for others, good sportsmanship, being a good team player, following instructions, respecting the belongings of others and offering encouragement. Behaviors considered unacceptable include bullying, causing another person to be uncomfortable, hitting or fighting, foul or abusive language, destroying property, stealing or tent raids. We expect campers and staff to be helpful and friendly and uphold the Netop ideals to make the experience successful for all. Unacceptable behavior can result in dismissal from camp, without a refund.

Homesickness & other issues

Missing home is a common and normal feeling. Our counselors and staff are trained to work with kids who experience these and other feelings. Generally, homesickness lasts only for a short period of time, as campers experience the energy and routine of camp life. For more information and tips to prepare for camp, we have prepared a resource document here.

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