Staff FAQ

Who do we hire?

The staff is our most important asset at Netop. We hire people who are mature role models, enjoy being outdoors and love working with kids. While over 85% of our staff have prior Netop experience, we also hire new staff every year. Staff come from many geograhic areas and have a wide range of skills related to our program.

Do staff need formal certifications?

Staff working at the waterfront must have a current lifeguard certification from the American Red Cross. Netop runs a lifeguarding class prior to the start of camp each summer. We also have staff members certified in Wilderness First Aid and/or Responder, as well as archery, depending on the program specialty.

Is there technology available at camp?

Netop is “unplugged” and campers and staff do not use or carry cell phones or other devices during the camp day. However, at night and other designated times, staff do have access to technology for personal use.

Do staff have time off?

Working at a residential summer camp involves being available on a nearly 24×7 basis. However, there is unscheduled free time each day, plus one day off per week, from noon to midnight. These times provide an opportunity to relax and re-charge, as well as experience many of the beautiful areas around Maine.

Is there staff training?

During “staff week”, there is extensive training and preparation for camp. We review camper situations, safety procedures, program logistics and every aspect of the camp day. Staff week also is a chance to have fun, build the team, form new relationships and prepare for the arrival of campers.

A Day in the Life

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