For seven weeks this summer Netop will be the home for about 50 staff members. Counselors and staff are carefully selected based on their character, commitment, and ability to serve as positive role models. In any given summer about 90 percent of our staff are returns from the previous season. Each staff member possesses strong skills in specific areas and has an enthusiasm for working with kids. Training is extensive and the supervision ratio is less than three campers per staff member.

Many on the staff are a product of the Netop’s unusual multi-year development track from camper to counselor and have taken advantage of CIT and Work Staff opportunities in the interim year(s) between camper and counselor. Therefore there are only a select number of positions open to the general public in any given year. Special consideration is given to candidates with lifeguard and/or wilderness first aid certifications.

  • Staff Application

    To apply for a counselor position (males only), complete the online staff application by visiting this link
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