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Want to learn more? The best way to understand a camp is talking with us!

Our Director, Lisa Thatcher, has been with Netop since January 2020 and has over 15 years of camp experience under her belt. She loves to talk camp! We invite you to connect with her and learn more about Netop.

We don’t mind how you choose to contact us, but we’d love to chance to get to know you “face-to-face.”

Book a Zoom call with Lisa. Find a time slot that works for you and you will have our Director’s undivided attention to answer your questions and help you learn about the Netop community and experience.
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You have created such a warm, supportive and fun atmosphere for the boys...a place without any of the influences of cell phones and social media. But, also a place where they are encouraged to set goals and reflect about how they will accomplish those goals.

Parent, MA

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