Staff Positions

Each year, there are a variety of staff positions that may be available to new applicants. Working at Netop typically requires a seven week commitment including staff week, which takes place before campers arrive. Staff week encompasses training, facilities projects and general preparation for the season. All staff applicants must complete a staff application and submit references. Thorough background checks are performed on all staff candidates.

Counselor Role

Responsible for teaching and leading boys ages 8-15 in a wide range of program areas including sports, water sports, music, guitar/rock band, film, arts, crafts, archery and outdoor and wilderness activities. Must be mature role model, enjoy working with kids, promoting positive environment. Need skills to teach specific activity areas. Rustic environment, traditional residential camp, great fun. Excellent summer experience. Job description here.

Waterfront Director

The Waterfront Director supervises all swim and boating activities. Candidates must be at least 21 years old, WSI and/or lifeguard certified, with experience supervising water activities. Waterfront Director has other counselor or director level responsibilities. Must be a mature role model who enjoys working with kids, promoting a positive environment and organizing and supervising an aquatics operation.

  • Staff Application

    To apply for a counselor position (males only), complete the online staff application by visiting this link
  • DSCN4641