COVID-19 Updates

March 29th, 2020

March 16th, 2020

Dear Netop Family,

Global crises, despite their challenges, have a knack for bringing out the best in people. During these unprecedented times, I find myself feeling extremely grateful for the Netop community. Like all of you, I am coming to grips with the new reality and I’m digesting information as it becomes available. As we begin this phase of social distancing, we remain optimistic that camp will offer a welcome “release” and a return to normalcy for campers and staff by the end of June. We do not pretend to know what the next few months will bring, but right now we are planning for camp.

We know the Netop community is resilient. With schools out, we encourage campers to reach out to their Netop friends and counselors to talk, laugh, and reflect on what’s important. Every summer at Netop, campers get to be silly, express themselves, care for one another, play games, appreciate nature, and much more. We have no doubt they will channel this energy into their time at home during school closures. Families will be challenged emotionally, physically, and financially, but we hope you can rely on the Netop community as a source of strength.

The coronavirus is a rapidly evolving situation and we are monitoring all available updates and information from the American Camp Association, Maine CDC and other government agencies. During the coming weeks and months, we will communicate with families and staff as new information becomes available. We’re going to stay enthusiastic for the coming summer and hope the current situation will be different by our opening day on June 28. Keep an eye out for Netop messages and announcements on Facebook and Instagram. In the meantime, wash your hands, keep your distance and stay healthy and safe!

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