Rustic for a Reason

February 26th, 2024

How we keep things simple, not rundown

The word “rustic” has come to mean a lot of different things. Some folks hear it and think “distressed” or “lived-in.” Others take it to mean “rundown” or a nicer way to reference something as “old.”

At Netop, the word “rustic” means simple, easy, back-to-basics. So, how do we do “rustic?”

We have had platform tents at Netop since the start of camp because allowing our boys to live simply gives them more time to connect with each other, their counselor role models, and with the Four Spokes. We keep our tent flaps rolled 90% of the time to promote community and inclusion, something that a cabin camp doesn’t have the option to do. The tents are also easier to keep clean, healthier (less space for germs to live on), and much cooler to sleep in on warm evenings.

We offer activities like woodsmen, woodshop, archery, fishing, and other activities that put a focus on outdoor skills. By participating in these one-of-a-kind programs, our boys are building a lifelong love of the outdoors, they are learning to respect nature, and they are spending their summer in a beautiful environment.

Our lodge is almost 100 years old and is the central location for our meals and many of our activities at camp. We are grateful to have this beautiful and historical building on the property and it maintains tradition at Netop. We have alumni from the early days of camp who ate their meals in the same place, at the same tables, that our current campers do today. That connection and nostalgia amplifies Netop’s sense of community and brings campers from all generations together.

By keeping camp “rustic”, it gives us more time to focus on what is truly important to the Netop experience – connection, growth, and fun.

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